Friday, July 15, 2011

Listen Up...

Okay, today just a very short post. This is really a reply to some seriously stupid people - and yes, there are seriously stupid people out there in the vast world of the internet.

This little gem (below) I received today, in my gmail box:

First thing - I've never heard of "Google Account Alert" (who it is supposedly "from")

Second thing - "mailnorewly(at)gmail(dot)com" is not my address (though it insists it was sent to mailnorewly, is not even close to my address, and is spelled incorrectly anyway.

Heads up to the phishers out there - if you can't spell even a simple word like "reply" don't waste your time.

Third thing - nobody in their right mind would ever even try to reply such a dumb, stupid email.

Please people, if you're going to try and phish something out of me, you better learn to spell, and get way more creative than this.

For the rest of you, my readers - I am pretty sure none of YOU are going to even blink as you reach for the "spam" button in your gmail account, right?

Just about the only good thing I can say about this email is that it tickled my funny bone for about one-tenth of a second. It actually got a smile out of me,.

Hey folks - it's Friday. Have a great weekend...


  1. If god ask me "which celebrity do u want to meet?".I will say it's YOU!! your work is amazing!!!!!!!

  2. If I were you I wouldn't wish a waste on that - I'm not a celebrity by any means (but thanks for your vote of confidence!)


  3. Oh great, some celebrity, lol...

    "I wouldn't WASTE a WISH on that"...darn typos :)

  4. Hello Gracey can you help me in another problem, the problem is that I had been working at my blog since you advised me to work on it for 3 more months ...
    Afterwards my brother's adsense account have been approved through webanswers(dot)com
    my brother put adsense on his blog through his webanswers adsense account...

    he said me that I also should put adsense on my blog so I did as he said,,,
    but now I removed adsense from my blog because I wanted to get my own adsense account for my blog because my brother's adsense account was not reporting correctly...
    so now tell me that what should i do will my blog not eligible to get own adsense account after happening this... help me please my blog URL is

  5. Hey Gracey iv seen you help many people on the adsense help and was wondering if you could take a quick look at my issue its written in detail?

  6. Well it depends on where you live. In some countries Adsense only allows one Adsense account per household address, so if you live in the same household as your brother, it's possible you may not qualify for your own account.

    If your brother no longer has an adsense account, then you can try applying for your own.

  7. Breanna - I replied in the Adsense forum on your thread.

  8. Is it safe to write out your email address on you blog? I've heard it will increase you SPAM a ton.

  9. I generally try not to leave an email address in email address format if I can avoid it.

    If I need to put my email address on a blog for the sake of giving people some sort of contact, I create an image (in photoshop, but almost any paint type program will do). The background colour matches my blog, and I write my email address on that using the text function in the image program. Save the file as a .jpg or .png and you can upload it to your blog and place it where you need the email address.

    Bots can't read the information in the image, so you won't get your email address scraped. People who really want to, still can by writing down your email address and send you mail from their email program.

  10. Thanks Gracey for the quick response and assistance!

  11. so Gracey what do you say that what should I do ?
    now. should I change computer or IP and where can I apply for my adsense account..for this blog

  12. Submit an application using the monetize link in blogger. You can't change your IP address - it's usually assigned by your internet serviced provider. Using a proxy site to change your IP address is a very bad idea for adsense. You have no idea how many other people might be using that same IP address.


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