Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adsense Ads Took Over My Website...or Why Did My Blog Disappear?

It's time this situation was addressed...long past time actually. I guess I've been a little lax lately. Each week we see at least a couple of publishers in the forum asking why their website or blogs have disappeared, and been replaced with a page full of adsense ads. Mostly, these are new publishers who assume that because they've purchased a domain name for their site or blog, they should use Adsense for Domains.


Why? Well, because Adsense for Domains is only for "undeveloped" domains. An undeveloped domain is one that doesn't contain a website or a blog...basically, it is nothing more than a purchased domain name. You would only use Adsense for Domains if you don't have hosting for a website, and don't have a blog to redirect your domain name to.

For any website or blog with actual contents on it, you must choose Adsense for Content, not Adsense for Domains.

Adsense for Content is for any regular (not mobile) website, or any type of blog (again, not a mobile enabled site). So it doesn't matter if you are using a free blog like, or a self-hosted wordpress blog (not a free wordpress blog) - you still would choose Adsense for Content, even if your Blogger or Wordpress blog has it's own domain name.

If you've already set-up Adsense for Domains and can't find your website any longer, you'll need to follow the instructions on the Adsense Help Center page to remove your site from Adsense for Domains (please read the instruction page carefully).

Once you've completed the restoration of your domain settings, your website will be available again. At that point, you can sign in to your Adsense account and then select "Adsense for Content" to set up your ads.

For anyone just starting out: please read the product instructions before you select the product you want to use. The descriptions contain information on where to use these products, as well as the individual program policies for each of the different Adsense Products.

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