Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting Started with AdSense and Blogger

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Everyday on the Google AdSense forums you'll see lots of questions about using AdSense with Blogger blogs. Today's post will help you get started using AdSense on Blogger. More complex questions will come later, and of course you can always post a specific question to the comments, or use Google's AdSense Help Forum.

1. Can I use AdSense with Blogger?
  • yes, Blogger blogs accept AdSense code very easily.

2. What's the best way to sign up with my blog?
  • Blogger has a "monetize" link which many people use to get an AdSense account, and currently, if you try to apply for adsense without using this monetize link, you'll get rejected for "domain ownership issues.
  • Adsense does not accept "subdomains" for their applications, so signing up at the Adsense home page with a blogger URL will get your application rejected because a blogger URL is a subdomain. To avoid that, you need to apply using the monetize link.
  • Using the monetize link in blogger lets Adsense know that this is a blogger URL, which is acceptable to use for Adsense, so please do not try to sign up at the Adsense homepage for your blog.
3. My Adsense account for my blog was approved. How do I add the code to my blogger?
4. Why don't all of my ads show up on my blogger? I have all the code, but you can't see all the ads.
  • The main reason for this is that you probably have too many of the same kind of ad on one page.
  • AdSense only allows for 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 AdSense for search boxes on one page.
  • When you choose to have the AdSense ads display below each post, the number of posts allowed to display on a page has something to do with this problem. Many people leave the "posts per page" set at the default, wich I think is 5. That means there may already be three ads on the page (one ad after every 2nd post). What happens is that any other ads of the same type you put on your page won't display.
  • There are two ways to remedy this. Set your post count per page to 1, 2 or 3 posts per page. This will result in one or two ads being displayed leaving you one ad of the same type for another spot. Or you can change the add type. You can use ad units between your posts, and ad links in your sidebar, or vice versa. This allows you to display 3 ads between your posts, and 3 ads in your sidebar (or below your header if you choose).
5. How much does it cost to use Blogger and AdSense?
  • Nothing. Google provides both services freely. If anyone asks you pay anything for a Blogger blog or an AdSense account, then you are in the wrong place.
  • There are many websites on the internet that ask you for money in exchange for providing information about earning money with AdSense, and they trade on the Google name, but they aren't associated with Google, and their practice is not condoned by Google.
  • Information about AdSense or Blogger is available freely from their respective home pages at Google. You should never pay for something that is offered free. Any payments you might make to these other sites go to them, not to Google and Google cannot help you get your money back, nor will they refund you something they didn't charge you for.


  1. I read that on a free Blogger blog one gets less per click than on a hosted site because one shares the revenue with Blogger, is this true?

  2. I don't think so. I've seen some clicks on one of my blogs over $2 each. Not many, but they happen. I've also seen some as low as 1cent on my hosted website.

    It's more a matter of what the advertiser is willing to pay for his ads, and the content or niche you are in. Some are simply lower paying areas than others.

    Besides, if you think a .com name will earn you more, you can buy one directly through blogger for only $10. I have a couple...don't think it makes much difference in the earnings though.

  3. Thanxs bro. Its such a good things to know.

  4. Thank's For Your post. It's Really Helpful.

  5. Hi! Sorry if this seems off topic, but I recently had a problem with one of my ads in my blog. It won't show on my homepage but shows on other pages. I'm a bit new to adsense and I never encountered this problem until now. Maybe you could help me? thanks! my blog is

  6. Hi Keith - I can see 3 ads on your homepage. There is a leaderboard at the top, an ad unit at the top right in the sidebar, and another square unit at the bottom of the page.

  7. I tried to apply for Google AdSense with one of my blogs, click my name itl show up. They did not accept because of "Page Type". What kind of blog do you think will get Adsense to accept me? And off topic question- was wondering if you could help, my blogs supposedly do not show up on other PCs, and my Amazon Product links do not show up on both my pc and others' pcs, what did i do wrong?

  8. Did you apply using the "monetize" link in blogger? If not, that could be why you got that rejection.

    But on the whole, you have a total of two posts - not exactly what they'd consider to be sufficient content to be approved with. Although you also have a couple of pages, there isn't a great deal of content on those either, so it may just be a matter of getting your content to acceptable levels, and then re-apply when you have more content.

    I can't imagine why your blog doesn't show up on other PCs - I saw it just fine, so it isn't a problem with your blog.

    I'm afraid I don't handle anything to do with Amazon links - those are totally different and separate than Adsense. You may need to ask for help from Blogger's help center, or from the Amazon Affiliate Help Center, but I can tell you that your Amazon links appear just fine on my computer.

    Check your browsers to make sure you don't have an adbocker on.

  9. Thanks. I liked to read the instructions, but when I wanted to follow them I couldn't find where to do this:
    "Set your post count per page to 1, 2 or 3 posts per page."
    Could you tell me where it is, please? Because I found one by clicking on Dashboard >> Design >> Page Elements >> Blog posts (Edit).
    It was set to "1". I changed it, but the ads never appeared below the posts. I do have two ads only on the side bar working OK, one automatic (with Blogger/Monetize) and another that I made on the AdSense page.
    Could you help, please?

  10. I left a comment here, but the description of my issue might not be complete or very clear. Please delete it. The problem is the ads do not appear between posts.

    After preparing the code at the Adsense site, I started by adding one ad to the side bar. Then I added another one to the body, at the top, between the header and the posts. Both ads showed up OK. There were 2 ads on the page.

    Then I followed your Method #9 on your AddingAdsenseToBlogger. pdf file and left this setting "Show after every 1 posts (up to 3 ads can be placed on a page)". I deleted the ad I placed myself on the side bar because what I was now setting up would add up to 4, so that keeping the total in 3. That would be my ad between the header and the posts, and the 2 from Method #9.

    However, my own ad appeared and also the Method #9 ad on the side bar, but the other one between the posts never did until today. Hence, my problem: – How can I make this ad to appear between the posts?

    I tried further things without any useful result, which I mention here just as information.
    I followed instructions found on the internet to add code to the template meant to work with Adsense. Some made an add to appear on the body under the first post (OK), but as no more than three ads can appear on a page, the places for the ads under all other posts were blank spaces with the size the add should have occupied if it would show up. I presume the only way to ad Adsense pub in between the posts is your Method #9. The other ones are useful only for publishers not restricting the number of ads per page.

    Would you, please, kindly tell me what am I doing wrong or what am I missing to make the ads appear below the posts as I want to and it is supposed to be?

    Thank you so much for your expected and needed help.

  11. Can you leave me a link to your blog so I can take a look - it's a little confusing in what you are trying to do. If you didn't remove other ad codes, ads wouldn't show up if, when you set ads to display every 3 posts, you had more than 10 or 12 posts showing per page. If you have 5 posts per page, and ads showing after 3 posts, that would show 1 ad, with your other two ad placements that would be three.

    But, if you had more than 6 posts showing on the page, adsense would try to show 2 ad codes - one after three posts, another after the next 3 posts.

  12. Thank you for replying.

    No what I am trying to do is not confusing, and my long explanation can be resumed in a couple of sentences. I suppose I must be making a mistake somewhere that I can’t find. I just tried to be sure you would understand. It is simple, I want to set the two ads with your Method #9; one on the side bar and one below one the first post. Plus the other one I placed myself between the header and the body. This is all I want. The problem is the ad between the posts doesn’t appear and never did.

    If more show up, repeated, as you say, it is OK for me.

  13. I have been searching the net and I found code that works. All the others I tried had some kind of problem. What I wanted was like your Method #9 because it is recommended by Blogger and where I started, but if it doesn't show the ads...
    Anyway, if you happen to find a solution to use your Method #9, please put it here and I'll replace it. In any case I am grateful for your help.

  14. hi, i cant paste the adsense code on my blogger website, i clicked on monetize but only amazon came up, no adsense, how do i go about pasting the adsense code to my blogger site

  15. To add an Adsense ad code on your blog, on your layout (or design) page, click on "add a gadget" and select an html/javascript gadget. Paste your code into that, and position it in your sidebar.

  16. Thank you so much the info you provided for first time adsense users it was so helpful. I will be recommending your page to everyone!!!
    Thanks Priscilla

  17. Gracey please i need your advice. i was just partially accepted for adsense. after reading your comments on other website that i need to generate code from my adsense account and place on my website, i did that using joomla html custom module, nothing shows on my website but i think adsense said that ad will not show until i get full approval. i just want to know if it is right to insert the code using joomla custom html code. thanks

  18. Yes, I'd say you've installed the code correctly, although I don't use joomla most plugins and gadgets or dashboard editing of that type work okay.

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  20. pls i have issues with placing my ad code

    1. If you've been approved to place ad code, then methods for placing the code on blogger are pretty simple.

      Just place an adsense gadget in your sidebar.

      If Adsense hasn't approved you to place the ad code, then you won't be able to use a gadget. You have to be approved in order to use the code.

  21. Hello
    Thanks for nice article.
    Can i use adsene ads alonge with amazon and other affilaite programmes on my blog.

    1. Yes, AdSense allows the use of other advertising companies along with Adsense, but you should always keep in mind that if there are too many ads in your blog (no matter what company's ads they are), the blog can have a spammy appearance, and Adsense may disable their ads to your blog if your looks like "ad-spam".


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