Saturday, December 12, 2015

Your Best AdSense Moment in 2015

What was your best moment with AdSense during 2015? Was it a month with really great earnings? Was it a month where you got a lot of comments on your articles or videos? Or was it something even simpler, like finally getting approved after several tries? Was it learning something that you didn't know, or producing some content that you're particularly proud of? Was it solving a problem that frustrated you, or was it helping someone else fix a problem?

If I had to pick just one moment, I think it would be the conference I attended, meeting "Top Contributors" from all over the world, and meeting up again with our AdSense in English help forum family.  For me, that probably outweighs almost any amount of earnings I'd get. (See here for information on becoming a Top Contributor for Google Product forums.)

As 2015 is only half a month away from being over, I want to wish my friends and readers a successful 2016. Every day is a new day, giving us a chance to do better, and to be better. Not just with Adsense, but in our personal lives. As 2016 comes closer, maybe we should all think about how we can make ourselves better in the upcoming year ... be kinder; be more caring; share with others; support those who need help; be less judgemental; accept others for who they are, and where they are ... I think there are any number of small, everyday changes we can make in our lives that might make a difference in the lives of those around us.

Many have had a tough time with Adsense this past year - there have been a lot of changes to how AdSense works; changes to how your dashboards look; and even changes to the help forum platform. We've been attacked by bots, and redirecting ads, had to add EU-cookie compliance, and some have even had to deal with hacked accounts. This is probably one of the toughest years I've had, just like a lot of you.

Overall, it's been a year of new things - some in the ad industry, some specifically with AdSense. For some of, changes in our personal lives made dealing with our web properties more difficult too.

Let's go into the new year carrying the thought that 2016 will give us all a fresh start, with a new mindset and new ideas, and hopefully ... new and popular content, because that's what it usually boils down to. When we use our own mind and skill to create unique contents, we're not only providing what advertisers want, we're enriching the web by sharing our knowledge!

December is also a month full of holidays, festivals and celebrations. As a Christian, we celebrate Christmas, so from me to everyone out there, Merry Christmas! To those who celebrate something else, or nothing at all ... have a peaceful, successful, and happy celebration.

posted by J. Gracey Stinson

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  1. For me my best adsense moment in 2015 was finaly getting my pin mail after applying for it 3 times and waiting for it for 5 months


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