Monday, November 2, 2015

Where to Find Google Product Help

One of the things that frequently occurs in the AdSense Help Forum are posts from people looking for help for other products that Google Supplies. I expect a lot of this might be due to the fact that the AdSense forum is first on the list of help forums on the Google Support Forums listing page. I imagine lots of other help forums run into this problem too because the AdSense forum gets lots of posts moved into it from other forums.

I'm not sure why this is such an issue - the the support forums listing has direct links to most of the help forums for Google products, but there are several related forums that currently don't have their own help forum (AdMob doesn't have an active help forum; Google Accounts doesn't have a help forum), and I guess when people just want to complain about anything related to Google they'll post on the first forum they find ... fairly often it's AdSense.

So, to that end ... here's a list of forums and what help they offer.  A lot of these products also offer the ability to use Adsense with the product itself, so it's understandable if someone posts in AdSense instead of the product help forum. It's hard to know which place you need to post for help.

In some cases, like YouTube or Blogger, if it's a technical issue that relates to the actual function of the product (like a channel, or video, or blog or blog post), you'd need to ask for help at that product forum, rather than Adsense. If it's an issue that is specifically Adsense (ie: your payments, earnings, or AdSense account, or creating ad codes, etc.) then you'd ask at the AdSense forum.

Google Analytics Forum:
-referral and event spam discussions/help
-implementing GA code, tracking issues
-GA account issues, help with reports and data
-features and discussion
-bug reports
-feedback or suggestions

Webmaster Tools Forum:
-crawling, indexing, and search ranking
-security, malware, help with hacked websites
-image and video content indexing
-Webmaster Tools search console help
-website verification
-removing content from search
-help with sitemaps
-help for structured data and rich snippets
-app indexing

Gmail Help Forum:
-gmail problems
-tips for using gmail effectively
-peer discussion group
-feedback on gmail
-account access, security, safety
-composing or sending messages
-reading/receiving messages
-how to manage settings in gmail
-contacts and syncing

YouTube Monetization Forums:
-learning and understanding video monetization
-help with videos not showing any ads after monetizing
-disabled monetization
-issues related to youtube-adsense linking and earnings
-payment questions (bonus, pre-adsense monetizing)

YouTube General Forums:
-problems with playing and watching videos
-uploading, managing and handling your videos
-setting up your account, sign-in information and troubleshooting
-the homepage/channels, socializing and subscriptions on youtube
-using YouTube Live
-information on YouTube for non-profits

DFP Help Forums:
-help with setting up and getting started with DFP
-account administration
-inventory management
-tagging, reporting & traffic forums

Google Custom Search Help Forum:
-creating, editing, and implementing your search bar
-indexing and results from your search bar
-troubleshooting and bug reports

Google Chrome Browser:
-reporting issues with the browser
-troubleshooting help
-providing feedback on Chrome

Google Play Forums:
-help for apps and games
-help for google books
-help with movies, tv, music (radio?)
-Google Newsstand section
-other Google Play contents
-provides tips for product uses; help to fix an issue or problem, share feedback and suggest new features, and discussion forum

Google Business Listing Help Forum:
-help with incorrect business information on the business page
-verification help
-technical issues
-announcements relating to Google Business
-advice from the community

Google Chromebook:
-report and get troubleshooting help with chromebook
-discussion forum

-how to questions and answers
-technical issues
-discussion and feedback
-chromecast set up
-casting from apps

Google News Help Forum:
-help for google news users
-help for google news publishers
-discussion forum

There are still several other products that have their own help forums (see the link in the first paragraph for the rest) but most of the time, the ones above are the ones we see questions for in the AdSense help forum.

As with any form of help, if you ask for help in the right place, you get better help, faster. When you go from forum to forum looking for the right place you can become very frustrated about being bounced around.

posted by J. Gracey Stinson

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