Saturday, October 31, 2015

AdSense 30 Day Suspensions - How to Fix

A recent change in how AdSense deals with invalid clicks has publishers wondering how to deal with it, and naturally, all of them want to "fix" it, and everyone wants to appeal it.

The 30-day suspension period isn't fixable.  This is a decision AdSense has made in order to give the publisher time to try and correct the violations that caused the suspension.
"We may temporarily suspend if our policies are repeatedly or egregiously violated. This will provide you with a final opportunity to review all of your sites and take the necessary corrective actions so that your account is not disabled.
Please note that we’ll continue monitoring your account for compliance. If additional violations are accrued then we may need to disable your entire account. If this occurs then we may withhold earnings for a period of 60 days prior to the date that we disable your account.
We encourage publishers to use this 30 day suspension period to review all of their content, remove existing violations, and put safeguards in place to avoid future policy issues. When reviewing your sites for compliance, we recommend paying close attention to our content and ad placement policies."
For further help and links to steps to take see the help page in the AdSense Help Center.
"An account suspension provides the publisher with 30 days to make the relevant changes to their sites. If you have been suspended, you'll still be able to log into your AdSense account. However, no ads will be shown for 30 days, and you'll notice a payment hold automatically added to your account.
At the end of this suspension period, we'll automatically re-enable ad serving, remove the payment hold, and monitor your account to ensure compliance. Please be aware that if additional issues with policy violations or invalid activity persist following an account's suspension period, we may permanently disable the account.Note that account suspensions are unappealable."
Additional information on this page in AdSense. 
And before you start complaining about this 30 day period, consider the alternative. In the past, Adsense would simply have disabled the AdSense account, and most of the time, that disabled account is permanent. It means no more Adsense. If you received a 30-day suspension, you have a chance to fix the problems.

What Problems?

Most of the time the suspension is related to invalid clicks, invalid activity, or traffic problems. We've discussed invalid clicks and invalid activity in the past - this doesn't necessarily mean that you've clicked your own ads or asked others to do so (but if you have, then stop it. NOW.) Invalid clicks/activity/ can come from lots of other activities. Just a few of the things that might cause problems:

- people using the same IP as you
- clicks from small groups of people, like forum members, or from schools, or internet cafes, etc.
- on a website or blog, even improper ad placement can cause invalid clicks
- improper ad placement on mobile devices (ads are too large or cover too much of the screen)
- using links exchanges
- using sub4sub
- improper promotion of your property (website/blog/channel/app)
- traffic coming from bad backlinks
- advertising improperly using social media or ads on social media (there's a right way, and wrong way)

Before suspending your Account, AdSense has thoroughly examined your account, your account history, your traffic patterns and the properties you are monetizing. They haven't done this "automatically"; it hasn't been suspended by bot; it hasn't been flagged by some visitor; it hasn't been done without an investigation. And that's probably one of the reasons it cannot be appealed.

AdSense has 2 choices: they can suspend your account for 30 days, or they just disable your account totally.  This 30 days suspension can be looked at as a warning that something isn't right with your account/site/traffic, and should be a "wake-up" call.

Why the Suspension?

Really? The answer may not be what you think. It's not to punish you.  Given Adsense's history of disabling publishers for non-compliance, you might think this is just another way to make your life miserable.

Well, it isn't.

AdSense wants to help you keep your account; to become better publishers and to gain a better understanding of the right way to do things. They want to give you a chance to be better - to do better!

What to Do During the 30 Days

The first thing is "what not to do" ... don't just sit around for 30 days waiting for the suspension to be lifted. Although the problem may not have been caused by you, the is a change that it might have been caused by you unknowingly.  This is particularly true if you haven't reviewed the policies recently (they do change from time-to-time, so it's important to keep on top of this). This means it important for you to figure out what the problem(s) might be, otherwise you won't know how or what to fix.

What you need to do is launch your own investigation.

- check your traffic sources (ie: referrals, where traffic is coming from)
- if using unauthorized traffic, get it stopped asap
- make sure you haven't used poor or non-allowed methods of generating traffic
- make sure your traffic is organic
- check your ad placements/locations and sizes
- thoroughly review the policies with respect to ad allowances per page/sizes allowed where
- make sure you take steps to protect your properties as well as possible
- if you did/are clicking your own ads ... shame on you. Stop it. Don't do it again. Ever.

Take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that there are no further problems: do this BEFORE the 30 days are up. Show AdSense that you are taking pro-active steps to try and correct whatever the issue is.

No, they aren't likely to tell you "exactly" what is wrong. Whatever wording is in the email you received is about the only wording you'll get from AdSense directly. If you've taken time to investigate and still aren't sure what the problem is, or if you've fixed the problem then ask for help in the AdSense forum. The forum questions are mostly answered by your peers - others who may have already had to deal with a suspension, or others who might understand the best way to figure out the possible issues. Discussion is a good way to double check what you've already fixed and make sure you didn't miss something.

Be pro-active and reactive. Don't loaf!

posted by J. Gracey Stinson


  1. My adsense account is suspended for 30 days but after 30 days my account is still suspended and my youtube monetization is still disable. What can i do? Please help me!

    1. Sometimes it takes a little longer, and they won't remove the suspension if you haven't taken care of the reasons it was suspended in the first place.

    2. Im in the same situation as hack world.. its been over 30 days.. how long it usually take for adsense to lift up the suspension even if your account already clean?

    3. My suspension of 30 days ended. And Adsense mailed me that my suspension ended. But when I saw on YouTube there is cross mark on dollar sign which is shown for momitising videos.. Plz help me how to fix it.

    4. That would be something you'd have to ask YouTube about. They're the ones that decide what videos can be monetized and what ones can't.

  2. Sometimes it can take a week or longer after the 30 days are up. There isn't much you can do except wait. And as I noted above, if you didn't fix the issues that caused the suspension in the first place, or if you have different violations ... they may not lift the suspension at all.

    1. Is going onto other people channels and saying sub to me I will to you what your talking about when you said sub for sub

  3. my 30 days suspension period is over still monetization is disabled, please give reply asap?

    1. I'm not sure what reply I can give you. It's up to AdSense and YouTube to restore monetization to your channel, but that would only happen if they feel you've managed to correct the problems that caused the suspension.

      If your AdSense account appears to be functioning normally and the suspension notice is gone, then it's a YouTube issue - they handle the monetization function on channels, so you'd want to ask YouTube when your monetization options will be restored.

  4. Status as inactive is showing, pl update

    1. That's something I can't help you with. When did your account get suspended, and when was the 30 days up?

      There is no way to get it restored until the 30 day period is over.

  5. hello, is it ok to unmonetize my youtube videos in this 30 days ? so that i will not earn anymore with my videos ? will they then activate my account again?

    1. uh, well if you have a 30 day suspension you won't be earning anything anyways, even if you don't de-monetize your videos. The suspension already stops you from earning from the videos.

      Whether the ability to earn again is restored after the 30 day suspension depends on whether or not you corrected the problem to AdSense's satisfaction.

  6. Hi Ryan - I think it depends on how you ask. If it's one of those "if you sub me, I'll sub you" type of requests, then that could be a problem.

    If you are watching someone else's videos because their channel is about the same sort of things you have and simply ask them to sub you if they like your videos, then it shouldn't really be a problem.

    If you are just going to every channel with similar contents and posting a one-off "hey sub my channel" without actually watching their stuff or participating in discussions ... that's likely going to be considered spamming.

  7. So how can you fix that? Delete all of your comments+ what if I can't delle them??

  8. I suppose if you can't delete them, then you can't delete them. The functions available on YouTube are something you'd have to ask for help with at YouTube.

  9. My Adsense Got a 30 day suspension for invailed clicks ,, And Patnership Disabled will this automaticlly be Enabled again after the 30 days please

    1. While this is "automatic", bear in mind if you haven't fixed the issue, then after 30 days it may not be enabled again.

  10. Is it advized to remove all google adsense banners withing this suspension period ?

    1. I don't think you have to remove the ads, but if you have ads on a website, you might want to de-authorize your site until you have figured out where the invalid traffic is coming from.

  11. My accounts was suspended for 30days , the problem is I don't know what to do , hence I usually got traffic from forum and Facebook should I terminate this traffic, but my message says my account was suspended do invalid click,and activities, clicking my own ads, please help on what to do thanks

    1. If you bothered to read the post, then you have all the information on what you need to do. There is nothing more anyone can do except you. It's up to you to figure out what the problem actually was. "Clicking your own ads" could mean someone that uses the same IP address as you was clicking them; if you use a VPN then many people could share that address; if you use an internet cafe many others could be using the same IP address, and using privacy or security in your browser, or using a VPN or proxy site doesn't mean you can click your own ads either. Nobody else knows what caused it, only Google and you. If it wasn't you, then someone who might use your computer, your internet, your mobile device ...


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