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Choosing the AdSense Payment Method

Over the past several years there have been ongoing changes to the payment system for AdSense.  More countries have been moved from payment by cheque or Western Union to EFT (electronic funds transfer) or Wire Transfer, and some countries now have SEPA payments. The actual steps to set up your payment method and to see what is available to your country, see the AdSense help center articles "Setting up your Form of Payment" and "Payment FAQs".

Why can't I choose my payment method?

At one time, as soon as your estimated earnings crossed the Payment threshold (usually around $10) the option to choose and confirm your payment method became available in your AdSense account. That, however, has changed now.

If you aren't able to choose your payment method, check your "Payment" page in your account. Are there verified earnings showing that reach or exceed the threshold ($10) on that page? If not, you won't yet be able to choose a payment method. Instead of working off the estimated earnings, AdSense payment method now only becomes active shortly after the verified earnings are posted to your payments page, and have reached the verification threshold.

For those earning only from a YouTube channel, this would mean waiting until around the 15th of a month for your YouTube earnings to be transferred from your channel onto the Payment page in your Adsense account.

For publishers earning from websites or blogs, the finalization takes place between the 1st and 7th of a month.

"Why Can't I Get my Payment by Cheque ?" OR "I don't have a Bank Account"

In some cases, the payment method that once existed in your AdSense account may no longer be available in your AdSense account.

This would mean that you will need to set up a new payment method in order to continue receiving your payments. In most of the countries where AdSense used to offer payment by cheque and now offers EFT payments, you will no longer be able to get your payment by cheque. You will most likely only be able to choose EFT as your payment method and will require a bank account.

When I enter and verify my bank account, when will I get my payment?

This depends on a couple of things. If you haven't actually reached the payment threshold (usually set at $100US or equivalent in local currency) then you wouldn't receive a payment until your verified earnings reach that, and then you'd receive a payment during the normal payment cycle. (See "When will I be paid.")

If you just reached the payment threshold and entered your bank account, you would also be paid during the normal monthly payment cycle for that month.

If your AdSense Payment page has shown that you have been at or above the payment threshold for a few months, but haven't yet received a payment because either you hadn't entered a PIN or hadn't entered and verified a bank account, then you may see your payment issued within a few days after verifying your bank account.

This doesn't apply to accounts that still receive payment by Western Union or cheque. Accounts still using those payments would have their payment issued in the regular payment cycle.

Can I use someone else's bank account, like a parent or friend?

No, you won't be able to verify a bank account unless your name is on the bank account. The account holder of the bank account needs to match the payee name in your AdSense account. Since you can't change the payee name in your AdSense account, you need a bank account in your own name.

If a parent has signed up for you, the parent would most likely be the payee name in your AdSense account. That means the parent needs to enter their bank account.

For spouses, or anyone else who holds a joint account with someone else, as long as your name is also on the joint bank account, you can use a joint account to receive your payment, as long as the payee name in the AdSense account is one of the names on the joint bank account.

Also note, the bank account must be located in the same country as the address in your AdSense account, so as an example, if you live in Canada (like me) and your AdSense account has your Canadian address, you'll need a bank account in a bank in Canada.

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  1. Hello Gracey,
    I wanted to know about the submission of Tax ID information at AdSense. When does it become necessary for you to submit that information? Is it that you've to submit the Tax ID for Google to deduct the tax on your part, only when your income surpasses a minimum Taxable level?

    1. Hi Naveed - the tax information usually needs to be entered around the same time as the payment options become available because the thresholds are pretty much the same for most of the verifications - $10 US.

      Any of the verification options could take a week or so to become available after you reach $10 verified earnings on your payment page.

    2. Gracey,
      My question was with regards to the occurrence of actual tax deduction at Google AdSense. Is tax deducted only when your earnings through AdSense surpass a particular taxable limit or every earned cheque is taxable regardless of whether we make $100 in 6 months or 1 month?

    3. I've never had any tax deducted. If you live in the US you might have tax deducted depending on the tax status you entered..

      "Google is required by United States tax laws to collect certain tax-related information from some publishers. If you are required to provide tax information, details will be available on the Tax Information page in your account."

  2. Thanks for the helpful information bra

  3. payee address and account holder address should be same for wire transfer?
    Please tell me about this.

    1. Sometimes it depends on the bank, but usually yes, the name of the payee should be the same as the name of the bank owner.

  4. I am new user its show you don't need a payment method until your threshold has been reached? ??
    What should I do ???

    1. Since you don't need to enter the payment method yet, there is nothing to do. Exactly as it says. When that option becomes available to you, then you can choose your payment method.


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