Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Can't Login to Adsense!

...or, as people often say "why can't I login to adsense!!!!!!!!!!!!" (note: nobody needs that many exclamation points, and yes, I know you are probably frustrated, but exclamation points aren't going to help. Staying calm and taking action will.)

Today I'm just going to address one of the most common reasons we see for this problem. And it's simple, although it isn't always simple to solve. In fact, often, it might not even get resolved.

I didn't bother counting because these types of posts in the AdSense forum are very prolific:

And yes, deleting the email account you used to sign up for AdSense with will cause you not to be able to login to Adsense.  It's the way you get into your account.

This is a pretty simple concept, so it's something I have a hard time understanding. Why do people think if they delete this email address, they'll still be able to login?  It doesn't matter where you sign up - whether it's AdSense or some other type of site. If your email address is your login credential, you need it. You don't delete your email account or change your email account without FIRST dealing with every single other account you might have signed up for using that email address.

To try and recover or change your login for AdSense AFTER you've already deleted your email address, you'll need to use the login troubleshooter:

The deleted email address is only one of the reasons a person might not be able to login to Adsense, but since the reasons vary from publisher to publisher, and the situations may be different, the troubleshooter might not resolve those issues.

I referenced this (above) link for one reason: the deleted email account.

At various times in the past, I've written about login issues, but the other big one is related to deleting, or having a disabled Google Account. See this related post: Disabled or Deleted Google Accounts

posted by J. Gracey Stinson


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