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AdSense Help in Other Languages

Did you know that AdSense support forums are available in languages other than English? Several other forums are available for their non-English publishers (please see: Available Language Forums) and there are reasons why it's important for those who don't speak or read English well to use the forums in a language they are most proficient in.

I spend my time in the English forum because it's the only language I'm fluent in (oh, a smattering of French because it was forced on us in school but not by any means fluent) and the only language which I feel comfortable using. It's my "native tongue" and so my brain thinks in English too. What language your brain is used to using can make a difference in the way you write your question, and when it's translated to English from another language it might not always make sense.

AdSense offers a variety of help forums in different languages so that publishers can ask for and get help in their own language. Unfortunately,  not every language has a help forum which I think is kind of sad ... some of the translations we see in the AdSense-English forum are so difficult to figure out, it becomes impossible to really offer any useful help to these people. That isn't their fault of course, but it's frustrating for everyone (the helpers, and those needing help) when neither side can communicate with the other in a way that makes sense.

Even if we could take a wild guess at what the individual is asking (and sometimes we do), going into a long and detailed explanation to help them might not be that useful either. What happens when the English we use is translated to their own language? It is understandable? Can they follow the answers we've given to help resolve their issue?

That's something I don't know, but I would guess the translation from English to another language could be equally unhelpful to the user.

Here's a test I'd like try, and it would be helpful if those who do it can post a comment with their language and what this statement means to them when read in their own language:
AdSense would issue a payment if you've met all the requirements to be paid before the payment cycle begins.
It might be interesting to see what that means to people if they translate it to their own language and then read it. It could have a completely different meaning in another language.

Sometimes we can link to a page in the help the center, which "should" normally show in their own language but sometimes the help pages don't explain the answer in a way they can understand it, or we've linked to the wrong page because we didn't understand what they want.

IF there is a forum available in your language (languages available), it's best to use that if you have a technical issue that needs a long detailed answer, or something that might require  lot of troubleshooting. If you are reasonably proficient in English and can get your point across, you can use the English forums (which seem to have more helpers/TCs/Rising Stars) than some of the other language forums, but if your English is almost non-existent ... things could get a little tough in terms of providing useful help.

Sometimes it means questions go entirely unanswered because there isn't even a place to start - if we don't know what the person is asking, and can't guess what they need for help, we can't offer much in the way of help.

As much as we'd like to be able to help everyone ... sometimes we can't.

Just to give you an idea of what some of the translations give us, here's a few examples from the forums - some equate to messages we see so often that we can understand what the basic problem is (like the first one), but others are so lacking in any context and make zero sense when related to AdSense that we have no idea what type of help the person needs.
"We apologize the inconvenience differences, but we can NOT be processing the applications Andari When Singer. Our Engineering has informed On the issue of Jump singer Dan will WORK for a review to finish."
That first one is easy to figure out, but I've used it as an example of how easily a translation can go wrong!

"Q business and this award for membership to google? "
That one might be related to AdSense, but it only mentions Google so I'm not at all sure if it is related to AdSense.

"What will become of our dear?"
...ummm, to be honest, I have no idea what to do with that one.

"Hope everyone help me
Please birds sick"
That one is a little odd. There were a couple of  other lines in that question which helped to figure out (somewhat) what the person was asking, but I've no clue what "please birds sick" means. The person didn't post in their own language, so I don't know what language they translated it from.
tumhare naye account me kya
This is one translated from Urdu to English (or that's what the translator says it did anyways). I'm afraid that one still isn't what I'd call English.

"Gima his way"
And another one to which my only answer could be:

posted by J. Gracey Stinson

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