Wednesday, July 13, 2016

URGENT AdSense Help!

How to get your question answered in the AdSense Help forum is NOT to post things like this:
  • URGENT!!!!!!
  • Answer me fast!
  • I need help NOW.
  • AdSense URGENTLY needed.
  • etc.

Most of the TCs in the AdSense forum have been answering questions there for five years or more ... we've pretty much seen everything, and almost nothing is considered URGENT when it comes to AdSense.  They're just ads ... how is advertising urgent to anyone? It's not. Yes, for sure, people trying to earn a little with it consider it important, but it still isn't urgent. Urgent would  be if you're bleeding to death, or if you've been in an accident, or your house is on fire, in which case you call the appropriate emergency service. Ads aren't urgent.

While a hacked account is something we consider sort of urgent or needing immediate help, we actually can't help you with that, nor can AdSense staff even help you. You have to recover your account on your own. That's the sad truth. Because of privacy laws, AdSense usually can't step in. They can't tell if you're the account owner, or if you're a hacker trying to get into the account. The actual account owner needs to recover their Google Account and mail account. So while this could be something I too would consider urgent, as much as I'd like to help, I probably can't.

The other thing that we might consider urgent would be a click-bombing. But there are already things set out in the Help Center for you to follow if you think your account is being sabotaged.

The first step would be to de-authorize (or de-verify) your website or blog (or turn off monetization on your channel temporarily). In some cases, you might want to remove the ads on a blog completely, which can be done quickly if you use gadgets/widgets or a plugin to place your ads. Then second step would be to gather the statistics from your stats (whether it's a 3rd party statcounter, or Google Analytics), and lastly, you submit a report to AdSense providing the stats information, the rough time period it occurred, and what you've done to try and stop it. The form and further information can be found on this article in the help center: Keep Your Account in Good Standing

There is another, older article in the forum written by one of the TCs whose website was attacked by a disgruntled publisher (yes, we've all run into this and had to deal with it the same way any publisher does), and his article describes the things he did to stop it, and to recover his account (because yes, his account was disabled once, and heading for a second one.) Please read this useful and helpful thread(Facing & Beating a Click-bombers Attack) and his other thread (The Crash Course Emergency Strategy for Click Bombing Attacks)- bookmark  these for the future in case you run into sabotage. You can also post in the AdSense forum, stating what you've done to try and stop the click-bombing, and asking for any additional steps you might need to take (also see: "How to Prevent Sabotage", and if you use a self-hosted site, see "Blocking IP Addresses")

So beyond that, nothing else are things we consider urgent. We don't consider getting approved urgent; we don't consider ads not showing being urgent; we don't consider not having received a payment urgent (yes, I know ... I'm certain a person who didn't paid get does consider it urgent); we don't consider not understanding your stats urgent.

When you post these things in your thread title (urgent, important, need help fast) and you aren't being click-bombed, your question will get answered no faster than any other question on the forum. There are hundreds of questions posted every day. We answer them as we get to them, we answer the ones we can answer or the people we can help. Some don't get answered at all (because if we can't help and don't have answer, there is nothing to offer help with), but we try to keep the not-answered ones to a minimum. The thing is, we're just other publishers. We're not staff, and there's only so much we can do.

Urgency usually doesn't exist in our world.

posted by J. Gracey Stinson


  1. Hi Gracey, I feel the guys at Adsense Help forum reply to people harshly and rudely, once a top contributor told me I shall never get approved to adsense infact adsense wont review my application because my site has android a Google trademark as part of its name: . I emailed Google trademarks about the issues and I was informed as long as I dont associate or make it seem as one of Google products its fine am not violating any trademarks. Since then I have never seeked help on the help forum. Would you please review my site to see if I stand a chance if I apply for adsense:
    Thank you

    1. Did you read my terms for posting a question? I mark comments as spam if they include a URL. One reason for people giving what you consider rude answers is quite simple. You are expected to READ and follow the rules. You apparently don't do that, or think they don't apply to you.

      And from I can see of your site (a blank page saying coming soon) ... nope, AdSense won't approve that anytime soon.

      Your site is only on the www version of that URL, so you need to set your DNS up so that your site loads on both the non-www version and the www version (ask your domain registrar for help with that).

      As for the Android Trademark usage, I don't know who you spoke to, but your usage of their trademark is not used under the agreements listed ( and therefore not a correct usage, so no, it wouldn't work for AdSense. To quote the trademark usage requirements:

      "Android™ should have a trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative." <--- you do not do this.

      "Any use of the Android name needs to include this attribution in your communication: Android is a trademark of Google Inc." <--- you do not do this either.

      And Android may only be used as a descriptor, not as part of a url like "Android Africa" <--- that is an incorrect usage.

      ""Android" cannot be used in names of applications or accessory products, including phones, tablets, TVs," <--- in this case, a website URL is considered an application. This usage would not be allowed.

      So unfortunately, I have to agree with whoever told you it was unlikely the site would be approved. It probably wouldn't be.

      In order to use any Google trademarks, you need to follow the guidelines that are listed for such use of the trademark.


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