Friday, October 11, 2013

Reapplying For Adsense - YouTube and Blogger

Due to some of the recent changes at AdSense publishers are finding it impossible to resubmit their application for Adsense using a new blog URL or a new YouTube Channel. Some folks are calling it a "bug" although I'm not entirely sure it is a bug. If it is, it has been ongoing for some time now.

There is a process for submitting a new URL, but what you can't do is change the URL in the application you already submitted. When you try to apply with a new or different blog in your Blogger account, the application is automatically submitted with the same URL you submitted with your first application. The same is true if you try to apply for Adsense using a YouTube Channel - if you applied for Adsense with a blog or website (and were rejected) before you applied from YouTube, the URL from your old application may automatically be submitted to Adsense, instead of your channel.

In either instance what you'll need to do is first create a new Google Account and a new Gmail account for that new Google Account.  WAIT!  No, you don't have to delete your current Google/gmail accounts and no, you don't have to create a new Blogger or YouTube account to do this.

The first step is to log out of your current Google Account. Then create your new Google and Gmail accounts. Once created and verified, log out of that new account you just created.

The next step is to login to your current (or old) Google Account, and then go to your Blogger Account or YouTube account/channel. Now you're ready to submit a new application to Adsense using a different URL than you previously used. Yes, it's a little confusing but once you know the steps, it isn't that bad.

YouTube Steps

Go to your YouTube Channel that you want to submit and find the Monetization tab. On your monetization tab you'll see a list of guidelines and other information you should know. Click the little down arrows next to each one to expand those sections and please, DO read the information.

Notice the section that says "How will I be paid" - there's a link there to associate an Adsense account with your YouTube channel. Click that after you finished reading this information and it takes you to a page with further instructions. READ those, then click next. That should bring to a place like this one:

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 to apply for Adsense, and that the information you fill out on your application (such as your REAL name) must be correct - double check your entries for spelling errors because you won't be able to fix them later on.

Follow the steps on this page to apply for Adsense using your new Google Account - remember that you are still logged in to your current Google Account - the one that's actually associated with your channel, so you'll see your current email address and google account on this page. At the bottom of the page are two blue boxes - the first one says "yes apply with (current google account shows up here)" - you don't want to do that. Not if you submitted an application previously using your current Google Account.

What you want to do here is select "Use a different or new Google Account". Once you select that, it will ask you for the information for your new Google Account. Fill that in, and complete your application using your current YouTube Channel.

Note that if you have multiple channels that use different emails/different Google Accounts, you can also use these instructions to associate those channels with your approved Adsense Account.

Blogger Steps

The steps to reapply through your Blogger account with a new Google account are the same. Make sure you are logged in to your current Google Account and sign into your Blogger account. Select the blog you want to submit and go to the Earnings tab.

You should see something like this page:

Click the "Sign up for Adsense" button and you'll get the steps to sign up for Adsense.

Make sure you understand that you cannot apply if you are under 18.  This page will show your current Google Account/email address (the one associated with your Blogger account). When trying to submit a new or different blog than one you tried before, you can't resubmit using your current Google account. Choose the orange button that says "Use a different or new Google Account" and give the information for the new Google Account you created, then complete the application for Adsense.

For both YouTube and Blogger,  you'll have 2 Google Accounts - one associated with your Blogger or YouTube account, and one associated with your Adsense account. These steps essentially link your accounts, so make sure you do keep track of the login information for both of your Google Accounts.

by J.Gracey Stinson


  1. Please Gracey, i need one help, can you direct me or teach me SEO to increase traffic to the Maximum, how to choose profitable keyword with a tool you know, and the best Adsense alternatives you think will work for any newbie bloggers.

    1. Hi Yusuf - to be honest, I really don't do much in terms of "SEO" to increase traffic. I follow the Webmaster Guidelines, that's pretty much all I do. I create new content, I write my own and then let the search engines do their job indexing it.

      I also don't use any keyword tools. It's pointless looking up high paying keywords (which is a myth anyways) if those keywords aren't something you can write about from experience. You have to write what you know, and not waste time looking up something that doesn't really exist for Adsense.

      The values in the keyword tool are for advertisers, not for publishers. And those values are based on the cost of having ads appear on Google search results, not on the publisher network.

      There are many other advertisers a beginner can try. Just do a web search for "Adsense alternatives". Right now, the only other advertiser I use is InfoLinks.

    2. Gracey, I am glad to know that there are some changes where I can apply again. I tried couple of times last year on 10/19/12 and 10/21/12 but they rejected my application with following reason. My question to you is if I should apply again on my blog with your suggested way. What are the changes they approve my application this time.

      Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. After reviewing your
      application, our specialists have found that it does not meet our program
      criteria. Therefore, we are unable to accept you into our program.

      We have certain policies in place that we believe will help ensure the
      effectiveness of Google ads for our publishers as well as for our
      advertisers. We review all publishers, and we reserve the right to decline
      any application. As we grow, we may find that we are able to expand our
      program to more web publishers with a wider variety of web content.

      Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the
      specific reasons for our decision. Thank you for your understanding.


      The Google AdSense Team

    3. I can't really say if your site would be approved or not. All you can do is try to submit it again. AdSense has so many sites with similar types of contents that the market place for your content is pretty much overwhelmed with it.

      AdSense may choose not to accept it, not necessarily because there's anything wrong with it, but because they have too many sites already with that type of content.

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  3. i need a help about my adsense account being disabled for invalid activities which i can not tell. pls help me

  4. Hi,
    I have a question that I've been trying to answer for quite some time now but somehow, after reading many articles, comments and forum posts, I've only become more confused.

    My curiosity refers to the following situatio: Let's say that I have a website with unique content but and I apply for Adsense. For the reasons that it has too little content, for instance, it gets rejected.

    What if I continue to write and create more content. Will I be able to reapply to Adsense again with the same website, the same url and Google account? If so, do I have to wait for a certain period of time before I can resubmit my application?

    I'm asking this because I haven't yet submitted an application but after reading so many people got rejected, I fear that I might get to. My content is about oddities and I fear that some posts might contain content unsuitable for Google. Not porn but, for example, in one post, I talk about an African demon with a huge member, which has an insatiable thirst for sex with people against their will. It's a myth but I'm afraid Google won't see it that way.

    Therefore, I want to make sure that if I'm going to be rejected, I can submit my website again.

    Thank you very much. I will anxiously await your reply!

    1. Usually, if a site is rejected simply because it has too little content, you don't actually need to create a new application. You should be able to resubmit your previous application with the same URL and same Google Account. You would only need a new Google Account/Gmail address if you wanted to submit a different URL.

      If you have content unsuitable for Adsense (and your "African Demon" post may indeed be considered as "adult" content) the chances of being approved using that site wouldn't be good. Adsense sites must be considered "family friendly" to qualify.

    2. Thank you very much for your reply, Gracey! You might be right - Google might not care about the manner in which certain topics are written, even if they are informative. This African demon story btw appeared in either Fortean Times or Paranormal magazine. That is where I got the story. I also saw a clip about the Tokoloshe (that's what the demon is called) on Vice.

      I was asking about the possibility of resubmitting the same website twice because someone wrote a blogpost about not being able to ever reapply to Adsense if you were rejected once. They said you had to make another website, which seemed very weird to me.

      However, I would still not risk applying for Adsense with that story still on my website, even if I were able to reapply later on. Unfortunately, it seems that I have to delete it, there is no way around it.

      Thank you very much for your input!
      Best regards

  5. Thanks for the post, works like a charm !
    Really a nice and useful post i was looking for this kind of stuff from long time.. thank you.
    Visit:- Youtube Help

  6. Very funny that you don't have Adsense in this blog?

    1. Is it? Why. This blog uses quotes directly from the Adsense help center on some of the pages? Do you think I'm foolish enough to try and monetize AdSense's OWN contents?

      Read the FAQ to find out why there's no AdSense on this blog:

  7. Dear Gracey,

    I think this is a good information, however, I got some question regarding adsense especially pairing with youtube and blogger accounts

    1. Does this means I would have a multiple gmail account?
    2. Can I have an email address looks almost identical e.g john33@gmail for the first account, john34@gmail for the second account?
    3. Is there a way to centralize my adsense account if no.2 can't be used?

    For the time being, that is all my question I directed to you

    Thank you

    1. Yes, you would have multiple gmail and google accounts.

      I don't know if you can use email addresses that are so similar to each other.

      If your account is approved using the new gmail address, you can then add your old email address to your adsense account, which would allow you to login with it as well.

    2. Dear Gracey,

      My primary google account has been registered to my youtube, I also have secondary account which I tried to monetize before with one of my blog that I already deleted. When I tried to use the secondary account, it says that I need to complete the request of previous form which led to the deleted blog. So I couldn't use the secondary account.

      I tried on another account (third), with the same information as I registered for my youtube, and about two days later after it has been submitted, I got a reply saying that the information has been registered to my first account, which is youtube.

      Any suggestion Gracey?


    3. The problem is you can't have two adsense accounts. Doesn't matter what emails you use.

      You have an adsense account approved through youtube? That means you can use adsense on youtube. Not on your bog.

      To use adsense on your blog, you'd need to request an upgrade to your youtube host account. To do that, you need a top level domain, you can't upgrading using a blogspot url, you can't puts ads on blogger with a host youtube adsense account, and you can't apply through blogger for a second adsense account.

      You need to post in the Adsense forum for help.

    4. Dear Gracey,

      Thank you for your helpful information. I still have several questions.

      1. Let's say I do have a top level domain, can I just simply copy the ads code from adsense into my domain and add my domain to the white-list?

      2. If no.1 is cannot be applied directly, I need to post in adsense forum for youtube host account?

      3. Let's say I used another free webhosting that gives me access to customized codes, php/mysql/ and they are free account with some limited features for example Can I directly link my youtube adsense to this site? (since this service isn't a blogger service)


    5. Follow the steps in the help center for submitting a request to upgrade the host account.As long as you have a TLD to apply it, it doesn't matter where it's hosted as long as you can place the code.

  8. Hi Gracey,

    Thank you for these tutorials on submitting a new Adsense account.

    Before I proceed I just wanted to ask a couple of questions;

    I have a YouTube that is linked with my Adsense already and is making an earning. If I re-submit a new Google account and link it with my existing YouTube will that upset Adsense or will it continue as normal?

    Also I believe my flaw was that I changed my URL as I submitted my application via Blogger. I have since then bought my own domain but am unable to register the new URL, which I'm now guessing I shall need to follow the steps above to create a new Google account to link with my blog and Adsense?

    Kind Regards

  9. If you already have an ADsense account, then you can't apply for another one.

    In order to use adsense anywhere except youtube, you need to request an upgade to your host adsense account.

    You can't do that with a blogger URL, but if your blog has it's own domain, then you would follow the instructions to submit a request to review your website to upgrade your host account. You do that from your already approved adsense account.

    1. Thanks for your reply.

      I thought that might be the case but to make things even more confusing I don't have that option to add a host account as I applied with my blogspot domain a whole back and now no longer can access the page to supply my own domain. That tutorial doesn't help as I think I've completely mucked it up!

    2. You probably should post for help in the Adsense forum. It looks like it's going to be too complicated to handle in the comments of my blog. Apart from that, if it needs escalated to a staff, it couldn't be done from here.

  10. Hello Gracey i want to display ads on my website but they reject my application saying : site does not comply with google policies.

    i am now demotivated nd dint have any hope, you are my last hope please guide me in getting adsense.

    1. I don't think I can help you much. A lot of the content on your site is the sort of thing adsense already has an overabundance of.

      They're looking for different things, not the same sort of things found on thousands of other blogs.

      Stuff like recipes, health/fitness, technology, educational materials, showbiz ... all of these things are so overflowing on the web that Adsense doesn't accept contents like that very often now. Not unless they're extremely different than other sites.

      You've got too many categories, not enough originality.

    2. thank you maam for looking in this matter but i am totally new to this blogging feild...
      can jus help me out what kind of article do i write on my website

    3. You need to pick a subject that you have knowledge and experience in - something you personally can write about from your own experiences.

      I can't tell you what that is, but it has to be something that you can write about from your own viewpoint, and your own perspective.

      If you don't know anything about building a website, you don't write about building a website, but if you know a lot about car repairs because you're a mechanic, you write about that.

      You can only pick the subject yourself - pick something you know, and like and write about that.

  11. thank you maam for giving suggestion
    but i have another website
    "Jagruk Janta is one of the world’s leading network of people learning about, engaging with and working towords in tackling the Social Issues/ Problems."

    Being a social person i have much experience about the problem of CULTURE, EDUCATION, ENVIRONMENT, POLITICS, SOCIETY & JOBS can i write on that.
    did their is any posibility to get adsense on such topics in future.

    1. You can write about culture, or environment and politics, but forget about educatin and jobs - adsense usually rejects sites with educational materials and job related sites.

  12. hello gracey! honestly speaking, i read all the questions in this thread and i found all your answers satisfactory and informative.

    i have few questions regarding my previous adsense account which was about 4 years already. i was banned in adsense due to invalid clicking years ago. the reason is that my fiancee visited the website i was developing before in the same computer in which i used to manage the site. now, i'm planning to make a new blog in blogspot however i cannot click the "Sign Up for AdSense" button anymore in the Earnings menu. What can I do to be eligible again in AdSense? Is there a way for me to be eligible again?

    Another thing, you said in your reply to Sanjay Singh that most blogs/sites about education materials are usually rejected. I'm planning to blog about technical subjects like computer programming, business and finance, etc. in our own Language (Filipino) and use videos also using the said language which i find very few in the internet. Do you think I will still be rejected with that?

    Thanks in advance and more power!

    1. If you've already had a disabled AdSense account, then just about all the questions you asked are moot.

      Publishers who have had a disabled AdSense account cannot have a second account. The Terms of service state that once disabled, you can not participate in AdSense again. Just trying to sign up for an account violates the Terms of Service.

  13. Hello Sie, Nice Article,
    I have hosted adsense account for my blog approved 1 week ago.Now i buy a domain and i applied for genuie adsense Account.After Submitting application it shows, Place ads on your website

    In my case, both websites are the same, so how i implement codes on as, i already add codes on

    I have to create new ads after applying ?? Some people say, you have to create custom unit , add your site in owner list!!!

    Help me sir !

    Sorry for my bad English !!

    1. You don't have to implement new ads. As long as the ads are still in the site from when it had a blogspot url, you can leave those ads there and they'll still be able to review it properly. It has the same publisher ID as the one in your adsense account, and your publisher ID won't change when your account is upgraded, so the ad codes you already have in place are fine.

  14. i already got my a aproved account on my site but now i can't access to my previous adsense account , it shows there is no adsense associated with your account . what can i do now ?

    can i resubmit a adsense application with the same website url ?

    1. You'll need to ask for help in the Adsense forum.

  15. Hello Gracey,
    i have a adsense account approved with youtube and now i came to know that if i have account approved with youtube so i will not be able to show ads on blogspot blogger so now i want to deactivate my adsense account and want to reapply using blogspot blogger

  16. How to show ads on you tube & with same email account.

    Please help.

    1. If your adsense account was approved with your channel, then you'd need to apply for a host account upgrade to use it anywhere else besides YouTube.

      That means unless your blogger has a custom domain, you can't use adsense on it.

      See this:

  17. Hi Gracey I applied for adsense with my youtube hosted account on 9/12/2016 and got an email today that they rejected it. Now I want to apply using a different domain can i apply immediately or is there a duration i must wait before I reapply again?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I've been on holiday for a couple of months (had to get away from our cold Canadian winters for a while).

      I would assume you've already reapplied but just in case others may have the same question, no, you don't have to wait any specific amount of time if you want to reapply with a website instead. Personally I'd wait a couple of days, but long waiting times aren't necessary unless your site happens to be brand new.

      Sites themselves should be old enough to have gained a fair bit of organic traffic (not social traffic only, and not only traffic from advertising) and have sufficient content, but if you've had an existing website for a while, you should be able to reapply with it within a day or two of having been rejected for YouTube.

  18. Hi Gracey,
    Can I apply another adsense account(with different blog) while the other one is in review process? It’s been more than 1 month now and I still didn’t get any notification from Google Adsense.
    Thank you.

  19. Sir please help me
    Can I use different email for getting Adsense approval to my blog, bcz I alrdy has YouTube channel linked with my Adsense there any problems are there to have 2 Adsense account

    1. Hi Shree - no, I'm afraid you can't. AdSense only allows one account per publisher so you have to follow the upgrade process to use AdSense anywhere except on YouTube. You cannot have 2 accounts or they will both be disabled.


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