Monday, September 3, 2012

Gmail About to Be Disabled? STOP!

Another try by spammers/scammers to get your login information for your Google Account (and therefore, the access to your Adsense account).

The email you'll receive, on the surface, looks real enough. But how do you know it isn't?  To start with, I'd be suspicious of the email address the email was sent from. I don't know for sure what email address Gmail pros have, but most product pros have an email address that relates to their area - like an @google address.

The email I received purporting to be from Gmail came from an @service address. I'd be hesitant about that alone.

The second thing I noted is that the email wants you to click through a link - one that looks like it leads to a google support page, HOWEVER, when you hover over that link, you will note that the link doesn't go to a google page at all. It goes here:  http ://www   maill.   htm

That's not a gmail help page - it's not a google page at all. Most likely it's a page that will harvest your personal data.

Along with those two factors, the statement in the email that mentions the Google policies looks like it should lead you to a Google Policy page, but the link isn't active, and doesn't work.

The silliest part of this mail, the least thought out, I suppose is that they send it to your Gmail account (where it lands in spam in my box). If your account truly is disabled, you wouldn't be accessing your Gmail account at all, and would never see the mail anyways. If it were coming from Google, the mail wouldn't exist. You'd get that message for a disabled Gmail account on a web-page, not in your mail box, which you can't even log into.

If you can't login to your email and you do get a page with a disabled notice, check the links carefully before following any of them. It's up to you to ensure your own security. The best thing to do is check links in any mail before clicking on them.

If you find yourself with problems logging into your Gmail, you can ask for help at the Gmail/Google Product Forum.

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