Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Wrong Way to Get Adsense

There are a lot of wrong ways to get an AdSense account - any time you are asked to pay for anything related to an AdSense account approval, think twice before you do.

Why? Because AdSense is free to those whose websites fall within the appropriate guidelines. If you try to buy your way into AdSense, then in the end, you will find your account disabled because your website wasn't compliant with AdSense policies. Buying yourself an adsense account will do nothing except part you from your money, and you probably won't have the account long enough to collect any earnings from it.

Sites like this one will do you no good at all, and simply cost you money. ADSENSE DOES NOT HAVE ANY AUTHORIZED "resellers or redistributors" for AdSense. So if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. I'll say it again 'ADSENSE IS FREE TO THOSE WHO QUALIFY' and useless if you can't maintain a website that qualifies, so buying an account is not going to help at all.

Recently on the AdSense forums we've seen a number of complaints from publisher's about low earnings from clicks. In many cases earnings are based on so many factors that's it is difficult for us to know why - sometimes the advertisers are paying less, sometimes the person's site is in a niche that just doesn't pay high click rates, sometimes the quality of the site is lacking or has a lot of copied content, and sometimes the visitor rates are so low that a low CTR and ePCM might have a hand it in. There's a lot of factors for low click rates. NOBODY likes getting paid 1 cent for a click, but there isn't always an easy way to change that.

Beware of people asking for money in order to help you. If you decide to contact a reputable online company for help with SEO to get your websites in better shape, that's up to you. If someone approaches you first with an email that reads something like the one below - think twice, and maybe three times before you part with your very hard earned money. Promising a specific number of clicks per day just smacks of fraud - such as those found in "click-rings" (adsense bans accounts involved in click-rings or paid for clicks), and nobody can guarantee you a specific amount of earnings in a day. Not with adsense.

Nobody can guarantee you approval at adsense either - only AdSense has the right to issue AdSense accounts, so here's a big warning - DO NOT PAY FOR ANY.

Tell your friends to avoid suspect behaviour like the ones seen in the email below. You'll be doing yourself and your friends a favour by keeping your account in good standing and avoiding any sign of suspicious or fraudulent activity.

Hi friend,

I am (XXXX) from (XXXX), an online marketing and revenue generation professional
working on development and marketing to a lot of websites and blogs.

as you see today in the adsense forum there are too many questions like
"why my earnings are getting reduced suddenly"
"the number of visits and the clicks are same but revenue is very less, why?"
"the e CPM of my page was around 0.80, but now it has gone below 0.20, why?"
"i am literally seeing clicks and pagevisits, but no revenue generated? why?"

people are finding it very difficult to understand the reasons and a few blame
google for their loss in revenue generation. But if you are able to concentrate
a bit and do certain things that are very well acceptable by google's policies,
and follow certain important instructions, you can ofcourse increase your
traffic and ofcourse i can guarantee you of clicks and revenue not less than
a eCPM of 0.90 per click and atleast a revenue of $40 to50 per day.

I assure you of the following
1. 75 to 100 clicks per day

2. Increasing the eCPM to 0.90 (i shall give you a small training on what to do
to increase the click though rates, that is the revenue you generate per click
will be 0.80 to 0.90 cents instead of just 0.02 or 0.03 per click)

3. Assured earnings of $45 to $50 per day.

Apart from the above package, you can also write to me for any customised
needs and requests and i am ready to help you out.

I do take a minimum charge for the above service. You can also contact me
to get a new adsense account approval also. This can be done within a week
and all the services are 100% safe as per google adsense policies and rules.



  1. hi, I like this blog.I want to know weather my blog www.adsenseguideforu.blogspot.com is search engine friendly or not

  2. Considering that your website violates adsense policies in more than one way, you'd be wise to spend more time reading the policies before worrying about whether your site is search engine friendly or not.

    Search engine optimization is a function of Webmaster Tools, not Adsense. Ask for help at Webmaster Central forum.


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